Specialized Services

55 Km/h max top speed
4 seconds to top speed
45 minutes max riding time

High Performance Jetboards

Designed for performance

SharkX jetboards are designed for high-speed stability and extreme carving. Choose your rocket.

Engineered for safety

Industry leading edge technology to make your ride even safer.

Ease of use at our core

SharkX quick plug and play system allows you to quickly change and recharge batteries.

Modular system

SharkX modular system allows you to use the same jetpack or battery in any SharkX products you like.

100% Electric freedom

No more messy fuel or maintenance

Just charge and go anywhere anytime you want!

High-Power Jetpack Pro

18.700 watts of power

High-power brushless motor equivalent to 25Hp

Modular Jetpack

Use the same jetpack in any SharkX jetboard model you want

Waterproof sealed

With built-in water cooling filter

Plenty of juice for you

Standard Range – 25 minutes (1.9kW)

Long Range – 35 minutes (2.7kW)

Extreme Range – 45 minutes (3.5kW)

Customize your jetboard
Sharkx wireless remote control prancha eletrica controle remoto surf v
awake radinn esurf jetsurf

SharkX Wireless waterproof remote control

sharks jetboard jetsurf motor esurf motorized surf

1.6-inch big screen color display 

Super clear and bright making it easy to read even in direct sunlight

Real time telemetry data

GPS speed, distance, remaining battery power and more

Handy functions

SharkX wireless remote offers 3 speed modes function. Wild, normal and eco mode. Cruise control function available too

Wireless magnetic charging

Choose your rocket

SharkX Freeride

Why have a jet ski when you can take your electric jetboard on top of your car and be in the water in minutes?

Designed for cruising in your favorite lake, river or beach, SharkX Freeride offers great stability and speed. SharkX Freeride will make it easy to ride even for someone who has never got up on any type of board before.

Go anywhere anytime you want!

SharkX Freeride
Customize your jetboard

SharkX Waves Pro

No perfect waves? Tired of paddling out and waiting hours for a wave? Get more waves!

Designed by surfers to surfers, SharkX Waves Pro is the first electric jetboard in the world specifically designed for surfing.

SharkX Waves Pro offers sharp aggressive turns and speed to get you out of that barrel or closing session.

It will effortlessly take you to the outside without paddling out and getting pounded by waves.

Just choose the wave you want, drop in (already standing up) and shred!

SharkX Waves Pro
Customize your jetboard